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At Facial Aesthetics Team, Houston’s leading aesthetic laser provider, we believe in using the Astanza MeDioStar laser to produce superior results. This revolutionary technology delivers the fastest, most effective, and most comfortable hair removal treatments throughout Houston and beyond.


The MeDioStar is an innovative diode laser that delivers impressive, permanent hair reduction and long-lasting smooth skin. This powerful laser uses a unique combination of wavelengths 810 nm and 940 nm for optimal melanin absorption in the deepest hair follicles while protecting the surrounding skin tissue. The MeDioStar laser is the preferred choice of leading dermatologists, physicians, medspas, and patients worldwide thanks to its ability to safely treat all skin types, including dark skin types IV-VI and even newly tanned skin!


One of our favorite features about the MeDioStar is its industry-leading 10 cm2 spot size. Our Houston office can treat large areas like the back, chest, full legs, and more in as little as 4 minutes thanks to the MeDioStar’s XL handpiece! This makes treatments extremely convenient for busy patients who want to pencil in a quick laser session during their lunch break. Our MeDioStar’s M handpiece is just as powerful but with a 1.5 cm2 spot size for precise treatment on small areas like the underarms, bikini area, knuckles, and face.


The MeDioStar also features a built-in 360º contact skin cooling system that cools the skin immediately prior to each treatment pulse for, maximizing patient comfort and reducing thermal injury. We also use a hygienic single-use protection cap over the handpiece to guarantee proper hygiene and cleanliness are provided for each client.


For the best hair removal results in Houston, call Facial Aesthetics Team today and get treated with our state-of-the-art MeDioStar laser!

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Laser hair removal at Facial Aesthetics Team permanently reduces unwanted hair growth! Stop wasting money on razors and creams that only produce temporary results and leave you with more stubble. Laser hair removal delivers long-lasting results and is much faster, more reliable, and more comfortable than electrolysis, waxing, and epilation. Facial Aesthetics Team in Houston, Teas delivers permanent hair reduction and smooth skin for all skin types.


How Laser Hair Removal Works


During a laser session, our MeDioStar diode laser emits pulses of light energy onto the desired treatment area. The light energy travels safely through the skin and precisely targets the melanin in hair follicle roots. The melanin absorbs the light energy and converts to heat, thus destroying the underlying tissue and cells that produce hair growth. The result? Permanent, long-lasting hair reduction in the treated area while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed.


Now that you understand how laser hair removal works, it’s important to know about the three stages of hair growth, how they affect laser hair removal treatment, and why multiple treatments are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can get laser hair removal?


Anyone with unwanted hair can receive laser hair removal treatment at Facial Aesthetics Team. Our advanced MeDioStar diode laser uses a unique combination of wavelengths to safely treat all patient skin types and even recently tanned skin.


Can you treat all hair colors?


Yes. Our laser targets the melanin or pigment in hair, so all pigmented hair will react to treatment. That said, some colors may be less responsive to treatment than others. The darker the hair, the higher the absorption rate and better the results. The less pigmented the hair, specifically white or grey hair, the lower the absorption rate and less responsive it will be (slower, minimal results). Clients with lighter skin types (I-III) and darker hair will see quicker, more effective results due to the large contrast of melanin between their skin and hair.


Which body areas can be treated?


Facial Aesthetics Team can perform safe and effective laser hair removal on all parts of the body. The most treated areas include the face, legs, back, underarms, arms, chest, upper lip, neck, abdomen, and bikini area.


How many treatments will I need?


For permanent hair reduction, most clients require a minimum of 6 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. This waiting time between treatments is necessary to target each hair follicle during the anagen phase (the active growing stage), when definite hair growth is noticeable.


Do I need to shave before my treatment?


Yes, we ask that all clients shave prior tot heir treatment to avoid the absorption of light by the hair visibly outside of the skin. However, we ask that you do NOT pluck or epilate any hairs during your treatment process. Laser hair removal is only successful on hairs connected to the papilla.


Is the laser safe?


Yes! Laser hair removal is an extremely safe, noninvasive procedure that uses laser light to penetrate through the skin and target the melanin in the hair follicle without harming any surrounding skin tissue. We use the industry-leading MeDioStar diode laser which is FDA-approved and safe to treat all skin types and even newly tanned skin. Facial Aesthetics Team also uses custom protocols based on skin and hair type to guarantee optimal treatment and the safest results.

Does the laser hurt?


Our MeDioStar laser delivers painless hair removal treatments thanks to its integrated 360º contact skin cooling. This feature cools the skin prior to each treatment pulse, providing maximum comfort while protecting the skin from unwanted thermal injury.


Are there any side effects? How about downtime?


Laser hair removal is an extremely safe procedure with limited side effects and no downtime. Patients may experience temporary redness, itchiness, and swelling of the skin. These side effects fade after a few hours following a session. Aloe vera can be applied to soothe the skin.